Let’s make Karate camp in Okinawa, the birthplace of Karate!

Okinawa is well known not only as the birthplace of Karate, but also as holy place of professional sports team’s camps. Okinawa is very suitable for sports camp because it is warm climate all year around and there are many beautiful places especially for beach and island. Our company is specialized in Okinawa Karate travel service, and we have good relationship with many grand masters of Okinawa Karate.So we can arrange Karate camp depending on your any requests!


There are about 400 Karate DOJOs and many legend grand masters in Okinawa. that can be seen on Youtube and Facebook. We can organise various types of special Okinawan Karate and kobudo things, as well as a wide range of experience that can only be found in Okinawa, such as a Karate history tour, Zen (meditation at temple), local bar tour and so on.


As we have a good relationship with many grand masters of Okinawan Karate and access to a world famous venue, the 'Okinawa Karate Kaikan' We recommend a program over the course of a week to study Okinawan Karate, as it has many deep tecnigues. Because of this we belive it is important to communicate with the grand masters and touch and feel Okinawan culture for an enjoyable 'Karate life'

Attraction of learning Okinawa Karate

Nowadays Karate is one of the most popular martial arts that is loved by 130 millions of people in around 180 countries, and there are various styles and schools all over the world. However, in Okinawa, the original and traditional Karate has been protected, and the principles still continue to be guarded as the legitimate Karate. So Okinawa karate is quite different from so-called sports Karate that will make its Olympic debut in 2020. Okinawa is the birthplace of Karate. There are three essential elements that provide unique learning outcomes.


We can offer you various types of support service depending on your requests and requirements (eg. accommodation, car rental motorbike and bicycle rental, Pick up service, mobile wifi rental, travel insurance and hospitals and so on).


Okinawa is not only the birthplace of Karate, but also one of the most popular beach resorts destinarions in the whole of Japan. So we have prepared a variation of sightseeing. Among them, we highly recommend a Okinawan Karate history and culture experience tour, Zazen (Meditation at temple), Kyudo (Japanese archery), and beach Yoga sessions for foreign Karate practitioners.

About us

our company
Our company “Ageshio Japan” is the industry’s first travel company specializing in Okinawan Karate. 
Our main business activities include organizing Okinawa Karate workshops and introduction to Okinawan Karate DOJOs, home stay support and so on. To realize our dream, we will distribute profits to Okinawan Karate dojos as best as we can. 
to be a ambassador
Karate is making its Olympic debut in 2020 and is high fever now. However, Karate’s original techniques and conceght are gradually being lost. There are many Karate Practitioners who have retired from sports Karate and want to learn Karate on another level. We want to become a ambassador for them and introduce them to a new world of Karate. 
our mission
Our mission is to support the preservation and success of Okinawan Karate. Thanks to a lot trust and help from Okinawa Karate masters, we are currently planning various workshops and events. We will have many attractive training programs from now on. If you are interested in learning Okinawa Karate, please feel free to contact us anytime. 

Karate Movies

There are many grand masters in Okinawa and their techniques and philosophy are really fantastic!
Many Karate practitioners have came to Okinawa and recorded many movies and documentaries of Okinawan Karate.
Here, we have a selection of recommendation Okinawan Karate movies.