Application for class

Do you offer the class for the beginner?

Yes. We have one designed classes for beginners.

Can I train with my children?

Yes, we have one designed class which allows children and adults to train together.

I have a medical problem. Can I participate in certain class?

First of all, consult your doctor. Please note that we don't take and responsibility for any physical problems in class.

Do you have age limit?

We accept children from 6 year-old and we have no age limit for elders. Students more than 60 year-old can also join and enjoy Karate.

I can't speak Japanese at all. Can I participate in class?

Not a problem at all! You can learn by imitating movements of teacher.

What do classes cost?

As it depends on the classes, please specify in the contact form.

Participation for class

What should I wear in class?

Normally we train in a "gi" (a special training outfit). However, for your first lesson, we would advise that you turn up wearing some comfortable loose fitting clothing and be prepared to train in bare feet.

What should I bring for class?

Bring clothes for change afterward, towels and a bottle of water.

Do I need to make a reservation for class in advance?

Yes. You need to make a reservation at least 7 days before the class scheduled.

Can I take a shower after the lesson in DOJO?

No. It depends on the venue, but basically there is no shower room.

When I get injured, is there any insurance for it?

I'm sorry but we don't have any insurance. You need to take full responsibility for injury in class.

Can I join in a lesson when late?

I'm sorry but you can't because it cause trouble for other students.

How can I cancel my classes?

In case of cancellation, please contact us by email (address: info@ageshiojapan.com).