September 29.2020
serviceReport-Funakoshi Sensei Karate Camp September 12th to 14th, 2020
July 15.2020
serviceKarate History Tour on July 12th, 2020 - Shidōkan Karate
January 31.2020
service【Report】Zen + Karate Experience Program (FAM Tour for Hong Kong Educational Trip)
January 30.2020
service【Report】Łódzka Akademia Karate Tradycyjnego in Okinawa
January 21.2020
serviceKarate History Tour in Naha on January 9th, 2020 for Goju-ryu members
December 25.2019
serviceKarate History Tour in Naha on December 5th, 2019 for Goju-ryu members
December 12.2019
serviceThe 1st Okinawan Traditional Karate and Kobudo Charity Demonstration on December 8th
December 9.2019
serviceThe 40th years anniversary of KENSHIKAI Dojo on Nov.6th〜9th 2019.
July 16.2019
service【Report】Waryu Dojo 14 days Budo-camp in Okinawa, Kyoto and Osaka
May 7.2019
service【Report】Funakoshi Sensei Camp from April 1st to 3rd, 2019
December 6.2018
serviceOkinawan Karate history tour in Naha on 27th August for Goju-ryu members.
December 6.2018
serviceOkinawan Karate history tour for Shorei-ryu in Naha on 22th August
December 6.2018
serviceGoju-ryu Karate Special History Tour on 14 November.
December 6.2018
serviceOkinawan Karate history tour on August 17th for Nepal Karate national team members
April 10.2018
service【Report】Shito-Ryu SHOBUKAN workshop in Naha on April 5th-8th 2018
April 7.2018
service【Report】Goju-ryu training for Shito-ryu practitioners by Gima sensei and Kinjo sensei
March 15.2018
serviceWorkshop|Eiichi Miyazato Karate technique workshop produced by Ageshio Japan
November 6.2017
serviceGuided Karate History Tour in Naha