Dojo Training

There are about 400 Karate DOJOs and many legendary Karate grand masters in Okinawa. We can introduce you to Goju-ryu, Uechi-ryu, Shorin-ryu, or Ryukyu Kobudo Dojos.
This is a program which allows you to practice Karate training in the morning at an Okinawan Karate Dojo. You can choose from three styles: Shorin-ryu, Uechi-ryu or Kobudo. This is a program recommend…
This is a program which allows you to practice the 4 major styles of Okinawan Karate: Shorin-ryu, Goju-ryu, Uechi-ryu, and Ryukyu Kobudo. We will create the best schedule in accordance to your plans o…
This is a program which you can practice the major 4 styles of Ryukyu Kobudo (Bo, Nunchaku, Sai, and a choice of either Tonfa or Tekko). We will select the best schedule in accordance to your plan.
This Karate group trial lesson is for foreigners on company trips or school excursions, and you can experience this program only in Okinawa, the birthplace of Karate. We select mainly Karate instructo…
The Karate trial lesson is taught by a highly trained Karate sensei at an Okinawan Karate Dojo here on Okinawa, the birthplace of Karate.

Karate-related / Sightseeing Tours

Do you love cycling? Then Ageshio Japan’s Cycling Tour (Holy Land Pilgrimage Course) is the program for you if you want to cycle around to know more about Okinawa and its many sacred spots. Cycle arou…
Okinawan Karate History Tour is an original tour designed by Ageshio Japan. You can visit 6-8 historical Karate spots which are difficult to go to by yourself.
This Japanese lesson is for foreigners who want to learn Karate and Japanese in Okinawa, the birthplace of Karate. This lesson is focused on teaching Japanese words and phrases that you would use at a…
Sakaemachi (栄町) is the locals favorite market in Naha, Okinawa. This market was built in 1955 and the atmosphere still remains the same as in the old days. Sakaemachi was selected as the No.1 Yokocho…
Tameshigiri is using a real Japanese sword (called Katana) for test cutting on rolls of bamboo matting. You can learn how to use a Katana and try test cutting in Naha, Okinawa.
We have two kinds of Zen programs. One is only Zen (60 minutes) and the other is Zen (45 minutes) + Karate (45 minutes). Both programs are done at the famous "Shuri Kannondo" temple in Naha.
This tour includes 7 times of Karate training (Shorin-Ryu, Goju-Ryu, Uechi-Ryu, Kobudo), karate history tour and beautiful Yaeyama island trip tour for 2 weeks plan. We can arrange plan depending on y…
This tour includes 4 styles of karate, karate history tour and beautiful Zamami island trip tour for 5 nights. We can arrange plan depending on your request.
This tour is at east coast of Okinawa island, You can experience Kobudo lesson, salt-making at beautiful beach, healing spots and local foods in this tour.

Karate Camps

We can make a Karate camp in Okinawa for you based on your goals and Karate style. Okinawa is well known not only as the birthplace of Karate, but also as a holy place for professional sports team cam…
This is an island special Okinawa karate camp for 6 days. You will trip to another island and you will learn Okinawa karate from high ranking grand master of Okinawa Karate. After training you can go …
This is a special island Okinawa karate camp.You can learn Okinawa karate from great masters, but you can also enjoy Okinawa and Yaeyama islands for four nights five days. You will have a wonderful ti…