Zen (Seated meditation) at Shuri Kannondo temple

Zen (Seated meditation) is a meditative discipline that is typically the primary practice of the Zen Buddhist tradition. The precise meaning and method of zen varies from school to school, but in general it can be regarded as a means of insight into the nature of existence.

We have two kind of Zen menu, one is only Zen experience (60 minutes) and the other is Zen (45 minutes) + Karate (45 minutes). Both menu will be held at famous temple of Naha, Shuri Kannondo.

Menu 1 : Zen (60 minutes)

You can experience mental training (Zen) at Shuri kannondo temple for 60 minute at evening.
・Time : 60 minutes
・Price : 3,500JPY per person
・Minimum participants : more than 10 person

Menu 2 : Zen + Karate (90 minutes)

You can experience both mental training (Zen) and physical training (Karate) at Shuri kannondo temple.
・Time : 90 minutes (Zen 45 minutes & Karate 45 minutes)
・Price : 6,000JPY per person
・Minimum participants : more than 10 person

Venue (Shuri Kannondo temple)

Both menu are held at the temple Shuri Kannondo in Naha. This temple is founded in 1618, and belongs to the Ringai Myoshinji section. It is located on the hill, and view from this temple is very nice!
Zazen is held by famous priest “Jouei Yoshikuni”.

Shuri Kannondo (in Japanese) : http://www.shuri-kannondo.or.jp
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Access map (Shuri Kannondo temple)

Shuri Kannondo
Address : 3 Chome-1 Shuriyamagawacho, Naha, Okinawa


Price for one person (Including tax)
①Zazen (60 minutes) : 3,500JPY
②Zazen + Karate (90 minutes) : 6,000JPY
Minimum Participants
10 people〜
Only after 18:15 available
Shuri Kannondo meeting

Cancel policy

If you want to cancel your reservation, there will be a cancellation fee depending on the following cancel policy. Date back from the lesson day.
After application〜Before 15 days
25% cancellation fee
Before 8〜14 days
50% cancellation fee
Within 7 days
100% cancellation fee


・You need to respect Okinawa Karate Grand master.
・You have to BOW when you entrance DOJO and leaving DOJO.
・Do not bother other students.
・Please bring Karate uniform, towels and drink for lesson by yourself.
・Make sure you arrive 20 minutes prior to the start of lesson.
・Be sure to turn off the mobile phone during lesson.
・You are not allowed to take a picture or record without permission in lesson.

We wish you have a great time!