Ryukyu Tile Smash Experience

Tile Smashing is born from KARATE, in order to show off people’s skill and physical prowess. Wish to challenge Tile Smashing? Come to 【Ryukyu Tile Smash Dojo WATTE】, located in the holy land of KARATE, Okinawa. Smashing Ryukyu Red Tiles in this holy land will take you into KARATE wonderful world, help improve your fortunes, express wishes, release pressure and show up yourself on social media. It will be an unforgettable precious experience for both adults and children.



 Basic Charge 2,980JPY (certificate,movie,rental uniform of KARATE, Ryukyu Tile 5pcs)
※20% OFF if you follow SNS
Kawara Additional Fee +1pcs:600JPY +5pcs:1,980JPY

Store info

Store name Ryukyu Tile Smash Dojo WATTE
Business hours 12:00~21:00 Day off Tuesday 
TEL 098-962-0668
Address Okinawa-Ken Naha-City Kumoji 2-chome 10-20 Apartment Hakuba 1F