Invitation Letter *only for Karate athletes

Ageshio Japan may be able to assist you with an invitation letter. Please review the requirements below. 
 1. You must be a karate athlete, and belong to a dojo in your respective country.
 2. Provide proof of your membership in the dojo, or in the karate federation of your respective country.
 3. Please have your travel agency contact us for arrangements.
 4. You must apply for your Japan accommodations through our agency.*

Standard version(five material)

Fee:1 people: 50,000 JPY, Add 1 people: 20,000 JPY

※Please note that paying this fee does not guarantee that a visa will be issued. This is just a fee for making an invitation letter.

1. Invitation letter
2. Letter of guarantee
3. List of visa applicants
Details of company
Itinerary in Japan

Please tell us each participant’s information as below:

1. Gender (Male or Female)
2. Full name (Be sure to write the name in the Latin alphabet as it appears on his/her passport)
3. Date of birth (Year/Month/Day)
4. Age
5. Nationality
6. Occupation
7. Relationship to the inviting person / guarantor